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UV Picosecond Laser Micromachining System

This system is specially developed for cutting and grooving of 5G materials and adhesive products such as LCP/MPI/COF/COP/PI/CPI in the consumer electronics industry with the integration of the high-speed and the high-precision optical processing system.

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■ Specification:



Processing   Station

Single   optical path & single processing station (customizable)

Scanning   area

54mm×54mm   (customizable)

Working   area

550mm×650mm   (customizable)

Positional   accuracy


Repeated   positional accuracy


Depth   control


■ Advantage:

◆ Use self-developed high-power UV picosecond laser to ensure the cost-effective performance.

◆ Effectively controlling of the heat effect and chipping.

◆ Stable and reliable self-developed dual-station processing system to improve efficiency.

◆ Accurate calculation and division of graphic to achieve the effective coordination of processing Specification and graphic.

■ Applications:

◆ Machining of 5G material such as LCP, MPI, PTFE, etc.

◆ Machining of PCB, FPC, rigid-flex board and other circuit board material 

◆ Machining of PI, CPI, COP, COF and other thin film 

◆ Applicable for AB glue, 3M, TESA, black and white glue, self-adhesive, double-sided adhesive, easy-tear sticker, conductive cloth, PE foam glue, PET film, PVC film, electrostatic film, blue film and other adhesive material.

◆ Applicable for Si and other semiconductor material

■ Samples:


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