Processing materials

Silicon Carbide Wafer Laser Processing System
The system is used for laser slicing processing of silicon carbide ingots/pieces.
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Femtosecond Five-Axis (Galvo) Laser Precision Machining system
This equipment utilizes a high-precision nanometer-level air-bearing platform, combined with a five-axis galvo optical module and a self-developed laser processing system. It achieves ultra-high precision cutting, drilling, and other processes. The taper
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Silicon Carbide Wafer Laser Cutting Systerm
Uses ultra-short pulse laser to achieve high quality and high efficient cutting of silicon carbide wafer.
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Wafer Laser Grooving System
The AS-5380 uses a high quality light beam to perform surface scribing and grooving in the wafer dicing channel.
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Ultrafast Pulsed Laser Five-Axis Micro/Nano Machining system
The equipment achieves three-dimensional precision micro machining of various inclined surfaces, conical surfaces, and spherical surfaces through precise control of a multidimensional micro-displacement system.
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Wafer Laser Stress-Induced Dicing system
This system uses stress-induced cutting technology to process and cut Mini LED wafers.
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