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Processing materials

Fully Automatic Glass Laser Chamfering System
This system is mainly used for solid screen chamfering and special-shaped processing such as LCD, LTPS, and OLED. The system is equipped with automatic image positioning, automatic handling axis, optical inspection (AOI), automatic loading and unloading a
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Automatic Polarizer Laser Cutting Machine
This system is mainly used for processing polarizers of LCD display. Equipped with automated image positioning, movement axes, and optical inspection (AOI) systems as well as an adjustable motion platform. These sub-systems work together to ensure the sta
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Glass Laser Cutting and Breaking System
Using high-energy infrared picosecond pulsed laser to cut the glass. The device is equipped with the automatic image positioning system and environmental safety system to guarantee the automatic high-speed cutting and drilling of the product. With the ris
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Laser Repair System for OLED/LCD
This system is mainly used to repair defects, such as light spot of flexible OLED panels and LCD liquid crystal panel. It can realize different repair functions by replacing different lasers, automatically find the position of the defective spot through t
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AMOLED Cell Cutting System
The system is used to cut the AMOLED flexible substrate into cells of a specified size and number, and then output them. The system adopts automatic system, as well as self-developed software operating system, easy to operate and can be customizable.
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