Automatic Polarizer Laser Cutting Machine

This system is mainly used for processing polarizers of LCD display. Equipped with automated image positioning, movement axes, and optical inspection (AOI) systems as well as an adjustable motion platform. These sub-systems work together to ensure the stable and high-speed operation.

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■ Specifications

◆ Model:APC60

◆ Working material:Polarizers (Pol) 

◆ Working size:88 inch (customizable)

◆ Cutting speed:≥ 300mm/s

◆ Edge effect:< 50um (Pol)

◆ Structure::1 cutting heads + 1 platform, fully automatic inline system

◆ Tact time:≤ 35s for a 65 inch TV

■ Advantages

◆ Combines the CO2 laser and automation technology to meet the demands of POL fast cutting.

◆ Offers a variety of fully automated POL cutting solutions to suit different manufacturing requirements.

■ Applications

       Precision processing of polarizers in mobile phones, wearable smart devices and televisions.

■ Samples


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