Micro LED Wafer Laser Mass Transfer System
Laser mass transfer is used in the new display industry to transfer three-color chips to the substrate through direct transfer/secondary transfer.
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Micro LED Wafer Laser Lift Off System
The system uses laser lift-off technology to peel off micro-LED wafers.
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Silicon Carbide Wafer Laser Processing System
The system is used for laser slicing processing of silicon carbide ingots/pieces.
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Thin Film Solar Cell Laser Integrated Processing System
The system is used for etching the internal series circuits of perovskite thin film solar cells.
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Battery Cell Film Laser Removal System
This system is designed for the automatic processing of insulation film removal in the battery cell rework process. It is equipped with a laser processing system and an automatic film removal system. It operates at high speed with high product yield, main
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Large-format Vehicle-mounted FPC/cover Film Roll-to-sheet Processing System
The equipment is designed for automated processing of large-format FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) soft boards, cover films, COF (Chip on Film), CPI (Chip Package on Interposer), and adhesive products used in the automotive industry.
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HUD Curved Glass Laser Cutting System
This system developed through special optical systems and processing software to achieve high-speed and stable cutting of curved glass.
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UTG Glass Laser Cutting System
The system achieves high-speed and stable cutting of UTG through the customized development of a special optical shaping system and processing software.
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