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UTG Glass Laser Cutting System

The system achieves high-speed and stable cutting of UTG through the customized development of a special optical shaping system and processing software.

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■ Specifications:



Working material

UTG glass

Working area

Dual platforms,550×650(customizable)

Processing speed


Processing chipping


Cutting thickness


Processing radius


■ Advantages

     ◆ Non-contact processing, little damage to materials, no consumables, and low operating costs

Linear motor drive platform, equipped with high-definition CCD visual positioning, fast speed, and high precision

     ◆ Direct import of CAD drawings, automatic typesetting, fast product replacement, and suitable for cutting various special-shaped products

     ◆ In-depth industrial design, supporting 24/7 operating conditions, and demonstrating excellent long-term working stability

     ◆ Automatic loading and unloading design, reducing labor costs, improving energy and efficiency, grating safety protection, and safe production

■ Applications

     Applied to folding mobile phone screens, ultra-thin glass, and other glass materials

■ Samples


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