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Processing method

HUD Curved Glass Laser Cutting System
This system developed through special optical systems and processing software to achieve high-speed and stable cutting of curved glass.
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Silicon Carbide Wafer Laser Processing System
The system is used for laser slicing processing of silicon carbide ingots/pieces.
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UTG Glass Laser Cutting System
The system achieves high-speed and stable cutting of UTG through the customized development of a special optical shaping system and processing software.
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Fully Automatic Glass Laser Chamfering System
This system is mainly used for solid screen chamfering and special-shaped processing such as LCD, LTPS, and OLED.
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Laser-Induced Dicing System for Silicon Carbide Wafers
Uses ultra-short pulse laser to achieve high quality and high efficient cutting of silicon carbide wafer.
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Fully Automatic Laser Polarizers Cutting System
This system is mainly used for processing polarizers of LCD display.
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UV Picosecond Laser Micromachining System
This System is specially developed for cutting and grooving of 5G materials and adhesive products such as LCP/MPI/COF/COP/PI/CPI.
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Laser System for Cover Film/Vehicle FPC
The roll-to-sheet and roll-to-roll automatic machining system is specially designed for cover film, COF, CPI and adhesive products.
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