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Processing method

HUD Curved Glass Laser Cutting System
This system developed through special optical systems and processing software to achieve high-speed and stable cutting of curved glass.
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Silicon Carbide Wafer Laser Processing System
The system is used for laser slicing processing of silicon carbide ingots/pieces.
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UTG Glass Laser Cutting System
The system achieves high-speed and stable cutting of UTG through the customized development of a special optical shaping system and processing software.
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Silicon Carbide Wafer Laser Cutting Systerm
Uses ultra-short pulse laser to achieve high quality and high efficient cutting of silicon carbide wafer.
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UV Picosecond Laser Micromachining System
This system is specifically developed for cutting and engraving LCP/MPI/COF/COP/PI/CPI materials and adhesive products.
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Large-format vehicle-mounted FPC/cover film roll-to-sheet processing system
The equipment is designed for automated processing of large-format FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) soft boards, cover films, COF (Chip on Film), CPI (Chip Package on Interposer), and adhesive products used in the automotive industry.
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Fully Automatic Glass Laser High-Speed Cutting System
This system utilizes high-energy infrared femtosecond pulse laser for specialized shaping and efficient cutting of glass. It has been widely applied in fields such as smart wearables, household appliances, security systems, and mobile phone cover panels.
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Wafer Laser Stress-Induced Dicing system
This system uses stress-induced cutting technology to process and cut Mini LED wafers.
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