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Glass Laser Cutting and Breaking System

Using high-energy infrared picosecond pulsed laser to cut the glass. The device is equipped with the automatic image positioning system and environmental safety system to guarantee the automatic high-speed cutting and drilling of the product. With the rise of AMOLED display technology, the device has been widely used in the field of full-screen, OLED, special-shaped watches and other display cutting application.

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■ Specification:





Small-format   glass laser high-speed cutting system

Laser   cutting and breaking all-in-one system with double platform

Working   area

200mm×200mm1200mm×15000mm (customizable)

Processing   speed

Straight   line1000mm/s, curve 200mm/s

Straight   line 500mm/s, curve 200mm/s



Cutting   thickness

≤8mm   (Single cutting capacity)

Processing   radius


Glass   material

Ordinary   or chemically reinforced glass (DOL80μm)

■ Advantage:

◆ Non-contact processing, less damage to materials, high cutting precision.

◆ Layered processing to ensure the sufficient cutting, which can be used to cut unreinforced glass with high breaking yield.

◆ No need to use cooling water during cutting, saving factory costs.

◆ High efficiency, basically no glass fragments during cutting.

◆ Automatically cutting and breaking, reduce labor costs, processing more stable.

■ Applications:

◆ Ordinary and chemically reinforced glass cutting.

◆ Mobile phone glass cover, full-screen LCD/OLED/LTPS and other display panel glass cutting.

◆ Wearable glass interior carving.

■ Samples:

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