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Covering film/vehicle FPC processing Application System

This machine is designed for roll-to-sheet and roll-to-roll automatic processing equipment for cover film, COF, CPI and adhesive products, which is equipped with single optical path, double optical path and other systems for high processing accuracy and fast processing speed.

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■ Equipment parameters:

Equipment Model


Scanning Range

Double-ended roll-to-sheet processing

Processing width


Positioning accuracy


Repetition accuracy


Depth control


■ Equipment Advantages:

◆ Equipment can be equipped with double optical path, four optical path system for processing, increasing the processing efficiency

◆ High processing precision, good product effect, no micro-short phenomenon

◆ Fully automatic processing mode, effectively saving labor costs and improving product efficiency

◆ Safe and convenient operation  

■ Fields:

FPC cover film roll-to-sheet, FPC cover surface roll-to-roll, FPC auxiliary materials and other processes

      Film materials: for example (pure glue, SONY glue) roll to film, roll to roll

■ Example of processing effect:


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