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Thin Film Solar Cell Laser Integrated Processing System

The system is used for etching the internal series circuits of perovskite thin film solar cells. The system integrates a variety of laser sources and can complete P1/P2/P3 scribing and P4 edge cleaning in the perovskite cell production process.

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■ Specifications:




Double heads and double optical paths

Working   area


Cutting method

Cutting head/galvanometer

Positional accuracy


Max. Scribing speed


Etching width


■ Advantages

◆ High integration and a single piece of equipment can complete the P1/P2/P3/P4 process of perovskite solar cells

◆ Perfect processes and controllable scribing width and depth

◆ High-precision visual positioning and controllable dead zone width

◆ Self-developed operating system that is simple and easy to operate

■ Applications

     Applied to internal series circuit etching and packaging edge cleaning processing of perovskite thin film solar cells.

■ Samples



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