Micro LED Wafer Laser Lift Off System

The system uses laser lift-off technology to peel off Micro LED wafers.

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◆ Lift-off material: Gallium nitride, BCB adhesive, etc.

◆ Processing capacity: 4-6 min/piece@4 inches (converted to UPH: 10-15 pcs)

◆ Size of processed products: 2-8 inch wafer/12 inch substrate

◆ Lift-off method: 1. Laser scanning, injected from the sapphire surface;

                                 2. Point-by-point line scanning via multiple movement modes such as reciprocating polyline or zigzag can be provided


◆ High yield

◆ High efficiency

◆ Full-surface /selective lift-off


Applied to micro-LED wafer lift-off

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