Laser Repair System for OLED/LCD

This system is mainly used to repair defects, such as light spot of flexible OLED panels and LCD liquid crystal panel. It can realize different repair functions by replacing different lasers, automatically find the position of the defective spot through the AOI system, then use the laser to repair.

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■ Specification:

◆ AOI spotting time: ≤5s/per screen (7inch)

◆ Laser repair speed:≧50μm/s

◆ Laser repair accuracy: ≤ 1μm

■ Advantage:

◆ Compact structure and reasonable layout.

◆ High compatibility.

◆ Moving module with high stable function and fast response.

◆ High precision, friendly interface, convenient for maintenance.

◆ The strong technical team to ensure system installation, commissioning and after-sales maintenance.

■ Application:

◆ Laser repairing of light spot of small and medium-sized AMOLED display and liquid crystal display.

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