Fully Automatic Glass Laser Chamfering System

This system is mainly used for chamfering and shaping hard screens such as LCDs, LTPS, and OLEDs.

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■ Specifications:




Cutting substrate


Working area

400mm×300mm,Support 1~12inch

Types of cuts

Right angle / R angle / U slot, water drop screen and other shaped full-screen

Equipment Structure

1 cutting head + 2 platforms

2 cutting heads + 4 platforms

Tact time

C corner 2.5 seconds, R corner 4.5S, C+R+U 6 seconds

C corner 2 seconds, R corner 4.5 seconds, C+R+U 6 seconds

Cleaving method

Mechanical /Ultrasonic

■ Advantages:

◆ Our independently developed ultra-short pulse picosecond infrared laser, widely acclaimed in the display industry for its extensive application experience, has earned high praise from numerous customers.

◆ Paired with our independently developed invisible thread cutting optical structure, ensuring high-quality cutting results.

◆ With years of automation experience, we provide customers with a high-quality and stable automated operating environment.

■ Applications:

Applied to glass screens for mobile phones, smart wearable devices, vehicle displays, and other applications.

■ Samples


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