Laser-Induced Dicing System for Silicon Carbide Wafers

Uses ultra-short pulse laser to achieve high quality and high efficient cutting of silicon carbide wafer.

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■ Specifications:

◆ Processing object: silicon carbide wafers

◆ Laser type: Infrared picosecond pulsed laser

◆ Laser power: ≥4W

◆ Cooling method: air-cooled

◆ X-axis: stroke 450mm, resolution 0.1um

◆ Y-axis: stroke 700mm, resolution 0.1um

◆ Z-axis:stroke 20mm,resolution 0.1um

◆ θ axis: travel 120°, resolution 0.001°

◆ Maximum cutting thickness: 1mm

◆ Maximum speed value of cutting axis: 500mm/s

◆ Processing size: 6" (upgradeable to 8")

■ Advantages

◆ Fast cutting speeds; high-quality results; high yield rates

◆ Complete process solution available (including wafer breaking and expansion equipment)

◆ Mature processing technology; applicable to various types of silicon carbide wafers

■ Applications

      Wafer cutting of microwave devices and power devices used in the aerospace, power electronics and other industries (wafer taking silicon carbide materials as the substrate)

■ Samples


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