Laser-Induced Wafer Dicing System

This device is used to cut Mini LED wafers using stress-induced cutting technology.

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■ Specifications

◆ Laser type: DPSS picosecond laser 

◆ Laser power: ≥1W

◆ Cooling method: Closed-loop water cooling

◆ X-axis: 360mm travel length, 0.1μm resolution

◆ Y-axis: 300mm travel length, 0.1μm resolution

◆ Z-axis: 15mm travel length, 1μm resolution

◆ θ-axis: ±60° travel angle, 0.0001° resolution

◆ Scribing speed ≤ 1000mm/s

◆ Throughput of 4-inche wafer:15pcs/h@10*30mil (4-inche wafer)

◆ Applicable wafer size: 2 or 4 inches (can be outfitted to 6-inch wafers)

◆ Optional dual spot processing capability

■ Advantages

◆ Fast cutting speeds, pause-less process

◆ High production capacity and yield rates, stable performance

◆ No consumables, Low operating costs

■ Applications

      Used for the wafer straight cutting of sapphire material substrate in the LED lighting industry, and straight cutting for sapphire materials in other industries.

■ Samples


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