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5G Era - Smart Future | Delphilaser helps promote laser fine micromachining of 5G materials

2020-12-10 11:04:09

This article belongs to Suzhou Delphi Laser Co., Ltd.(www.delphilaser.com), if reproduced, please indicate the company name and website

Recently, Shenzhen with the temperature drop, has been successfully into autumn, but the domestic PCB industry is still in full swing! With the rise of 5G, to meet the challenges of 5G and development opportunities, the last PCB industry exhibition, the theme of "5G era - intelligent future" International Electronic Circuit (Shenzhen) Exhibition opened on December 2 as scheduled.

Delphilaser is deeply engaged in laser fine micro processing Fields, always meet the market demand, actively respond to customer needs, and constantly introduce new solutions.

Two laser solutions for the FPC/PCB industry, the Duplexing picosecond laser fine micromachining equipment (DPS21) and the four-station roll-to-sheet picosecond laser processing equipment (DRP10), were displayed and the processing demonstration was done on site.


At the exhibition, our "Duplexing Picosecond Laser Micromachining Machine (DPS21)" and "Four-station Roll-to-Slice Picosecond Laser Processing Machine (DRP10)" attracted much attention.


Duplexing picosecond laser fine micromachining equipment (DPS21)

The equipment is a set of special equipment developed for Cutting and grooving of LCP/MPI/COF/COP/PI/CPI and other 5G materials and adhesive products in the consumer electronics industry. The equipment integrates a high-speed, high-precision optical processing system, an independent process, and a processing path optimization system, which can accurately Cut the shape and control the half-cut depth. The application of ultra-short pulse UV laser has greatly improved the processing quality of products.

Four-station roll-to-roll picosecond laser processing equipment (DRP10)

This equipment is designed for roll-to-sheet and roll-to-roll automatic processing equipment for cover film, COF, CPI and adhesive products. This equipment can be equipped with double optical path and four optical path systems for processing, which increases Processing efficiency, high Processing accuracy and fast Processing speed.

This exhibition is an important communication platform for Delphilaser customers and industry insiders. The business elites and technical backbones of Delphilaser Precision Electronics Division keep their enthusiasm at all times and explain the equipment and solutions in depth with customers.

2020 International Electronic Circuits (Shenzhen) Exhibition has been successfully concluded, let us meet again next year……

This article belongs to Suzhou Delphi Laser Co., Ltd.(www.delphilaser.com), if reproduced, please indicate the company name and website

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