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CCTV2 "Economic Half Hour" In-depth Focus on Delphilaser: Advanced Laser Empowers Modern Manufacturing!

2022-03-08 17:20:00

At the forefront of China's manufacturing, laser fine micro-processing is becoming the secret weapon for precision instruments and high-end parts manufacturing, and at the same time, the application of laser is also closely related to public life.On the evening of March 7, CCTV2's "Economic Half Hour" column entered Delphilaser and launched a special report "The "Code" Behind the Economic Miracle: The "Unique Technique" of the "Small Giant". The "Code" behind the economic miracle: the "unique skill" of the "small giant".

The following video comes from: CCTV-2 Finance Channel

Economic Half Hour 20220307 The "code" behind the economic miracle: the "unique skills" of the "small giant"

Delphilaser independently developed micron-sized laser cutting equipment, significantly reducing production costs

The more high precision components, the more laser processing is needed. A smartphone, 70% of the components need to use laser processing. Take the filter processing in the cell phone camera module as an example, the traditional knife wheel cutting equipment is low efficiency and high loss, Delphilaser Chairman Zhao Yuxing said that engineers spent nearly a year to develop a special laser cutting equipment for processing filters, with its clean and dust-free, high precision, high processing yield characteristics favored by customers.


How about its accuracy? Yuan Gongshu, general manager of the semiconductor division of Delphilaser, introduced the company's laser cutting equipment to process filters, in the horizontal direction, can reach ±1μm, while the longitudinal direction is within ±3μm, and can control the micro-cracks of many products within 30μm.


It is reported that after developing the laser, the cost is reduced to one-fifth. In the past, a technician could only keep an eye on one cutter wheel, while the equipment of Delphilaser could realize automatic sheet feeding, alignment, identification and processing, and a technician could easily watch over 5 to 10 laser equipment. Low cost and high efficiency, soon, domestic filter processing enterprises, have upgraded their equipment.



Delphilaser breaks foreign monopoly and takes the lead in developing LED chip laser cutting equipment in China

In more than a decade ago, the world can produce LED chip laser cutting equipment manufacturers, only a few, and are overseas manufacturers, the price of equipment is about $ 600,000. Not only expensive, and once the failure, the manufacturer's inspection and maintenance cycle of at least a month, so that the production of LED processing enterprises came to a standstill.     



This situation of being constrained by others has made many domestic LED processing enterprises feel very painful at one time. In order to break this dilemma, Delphilaser took the lead in developing LED chip laser cutting equipment in China, and kept on iterating and upgrading. The price advantage coupled with the localization service makes Delphilaser's products get the market recognition soon.




Delphilaser Overcomes Key Core Technology - Successful Development of Laser Seed Source

Delphilaser's equipment can occupy a place in the market, thanks to the core key technology oriented research at all times. The most important component in laser cutting equipment is the laser generator, and the core of the laser, the seed source.


At that time, the stability and life of the domestic seed source were not ideal, and the imported seed source was stuck by foreign manufacturers, from 2012 onwards, Delphilaser launched a technical attack on the R&D of the core component - the laser seed source, and finally achieved success.


In August 2021, Delphilaser was recognized as the third batch of "Small Giant" enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. With technology-driven development, Delphilaser is deeply engaged in the field of laser fine micro-processing, always practicing technological innovation, determined to become a pioneer in the field of laser applications, and bringing infinite possibilities to modern intelligent manufacturing with advanced laser technology!

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