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Interview with Dr. Zhao Yuxing, Director of Delphilaser

2018-01-30 15:36:32


Compared with fiber lasers, the "star lasers", UV lasers are much more low-key, but it cannot be ignored that in the past 2 years, the demand for UV lasers has increased greatly, and there was even a shortage of goods. For this reason, we interviewed Zhao Yuxing, General Manager of Suzhou Delphi Laser Co., Ltd.


Dr. Yuxing Zhao, Chairman and General Manager of Delphilaser

From technology gap to commercial application, medium and high power UV lasers still need efforts

    Due to its short wavelength, UV laser can be better absorbed by most materials and has unique advantages in laser material processing. Talking about the current progress of UV laser technology and application, Mr. Zhao said that UV laser industrialization is increasingly applied, which promotes the recent rapid development of nanosecond UV, picosecond UV and femtosecond UV laser technology in laser materials, optical components and laser design.

    As most materials have good absorption of UV laser, while UV laser processing produces low thermal impact, reducing the material damage to the processing object. The wavelength of UV lasers is shorter than that of visible light, and the short wavelength allows for smaller spot and line widths for more accurate focusing. Therefore UV lasers have unique applications and markets compared to other types of lasers. However, UV lasers cannot replace fiber and semiconductor laser applications because cost and reliability cannot be compared to infrared fiber lasers, nor can they be compared to high power semiconductor laser processing in terms of power. UV laser is mainly used in Fields such as marking, composite material Cutting, drilling, fine processing, etc. for its characteristics and advantages at present.

    As for the technological differences between domestic and foreign UV laser Fields, Mr. Zhao believes that with the domestic manufacturing industry moving from traditional to high-end, the domestic UV laser technology has achieved a leap from almost blank to basically commercial application in the past few years. In terms of nanosecond ultraviolet, most of the market below 5W is occupied by domestic lasers. Picosecond UV and femtosecond UV laser technology has also been well developed. However, there is still a gap between medium and high power UV lasers and foreign countries.


Ultraviolet lasers

    From the data point of view, there was a big growth of UV lasers in 2016, and there was an industry shortage phenomenon, and the very good sales volume in 2017 was also UV lasers. For this industry shortage and growth phenomenon, Mr. Zhao expressed his view that from the perspective of volume, UV lasers in 2016-2017 is indeed a big development year, but the absolute number still can not be compared with fiber lasers. Some component shortages should be related to the significant increase in overall laser demand, not just UV lasers.

Laser business consolidation, UV laser sales exceeded 800 units in 2017

    Delphilaser is one of the main companies in the industry engaged in the production and sales of UV lasers. Delphilaser was established in 2005 and has entered its 13th year so far. In order to survive and develop, Delphilaser has been seeking for new changes, and in 2017, Delphilaser merged its laser business into its wholly-owned subsidiary, Suzhou Belin Laser Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Belin Laser"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delphilaser. Delphilaser is a laser equipment integrator, which is very different from the laser market, and with the increase of laser production, the original laser division needs a separate environment and team to grow. The laser business was merged into Belin Laser to achieve business integration and restructuring to achieve optimal allocation of resources. Happily, Belin Laser has achieved good growth with over 1,000 laser sales in 2017, including over 800 UV laser sales.

    This change in business has not only brought increased sales and profits for Delphilaser, but also had a positive effect on promoting the growth of Belin Laser's team and the continuous progress of laser technology. At present, Belin Laser has nanosecond UV and picosecond UV lasers with the highest output power above 10W, and the market demand for the products is strong.

The market continues to be optimistic, the future will continue to improve the laser power

    Talking about the future development direction, Mr. Zhao gave this plan, the main development direction of the next 1-2 years is to improve the output power of nanosecond UV laser, in 2018 will launch more than 15W level of UV laser, at the same time in the realization of UV picosecond 10W output, based on the 2018 will launch 30W level of picosecond UV laser, femtosecond laser development is also in progress, commercialization The development of femtosecond lasers is also underway, and commercial lasers will also be introduced to the market in due course.

    For this year's market situation, Mr. Zhao continues to be optimistic, especially with the launch of new products and laser technology maturity, he believes that more and more applications will follow. And on the future development trend of UV lasers, he believes that nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond UV lasers will soon enter the era of 50W, which will make the market more and more widely used.

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