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2020 successful conclusion | Delphilaser equipment three won the "Jiangsu Province, the first (set) of major equipment"

2020-12-31 17:21:07

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Recently, Suzhou Delphi Laser Co., Ltd. has received good news again. After the procedures of enterprise declaration, local and municipal recommendation, formal review, material eva1uation, on-site verification and meeting review, the company's new product "APC70 Ultra-Narrow Bezel Polarizer Laser Cutting Machine" was awarded the first (set) major equipment in Jiangsu Province in 2020. This is the third time after the "silicon wafer laser scribing equipment" and "AGC20 automatic glass chamfering laser Cutting equipment" won the first (set) recognition in Jiangsu Province.

On the 2020 Jiangsu Province, the first (set) of major equipment to be identified list of public notice, the public period from December 24 to December 30, 2020. Click on the URL to view the full list http://gxt.jiangsu.gov.cn/art/2020/12/25/art_6281_9615171.html

The laser cutting machine for ultra-narrow bezel polarizer is mainly used for LCD (liquid crystal display), OLED (organic light emitting diode) narrow bezel and bezel-less display module polarizer lamination overflow cutting process, which is the key main line equipment for display panel manufacturing. The product is designed as an automatic intelligent assembly line with fully automatic loading and gauging stations, visual image positioning stations, laser cutting stations and AOI inspection stations. The successful development and promotion of this product has realized the domestic replacement of imported products.

The equipment has high automation crop rate, convenient operation process and easy maintenance. After-sales service support is fast and capable to ensure stable operation of the equipment, which has gained high recognition and trust from customers.


Since its establishment in 2005, Delphilaser has been deeply engaged in laser fine micro processing Fields, using ultrafast laser technology to provide laser solutions for various ultra-thin, ultra-hard, brittle, flexible and transparent materials to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and customers.

In 2020, Delphilaser successfully launched several new products in the semiconductor, display and 5G electronics industries, such as
Inducer-mini800 wafer laser stress-induced Cutting equipment, reel-to-sheet/reel-to-reel overlay film picosecond fine micromachining equipment, reel-to-reel FPC drilling equipment, and thick glass laser Cutting lobe automation equipment, which have also been commercialized and achieved good performance.

In the future, Delphilaser will continue to deepen the technology research and development of high-end laser equipment, accelerate the high-quality development of equipment manufacturing industry, strongly promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and empower modern intelligent manufacturing with advanced laser.

The extraordinary year 2020 is coming to an end

New crown virus let us brave the difficulties and rise to the occasion

U.S.-China trade makes us walk against the wind and into the sun


Since its establishment 15 years ago

Always adhering to

"Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Mission."

Core Values

We will adhere to our corporate mission

Deeply engaged in the laser industry

Be grateful and never forget the beginning

The challenging year 2021 is approaching

With the unknown, with expectations

Welcome to the new 2021

Delphilaser wishes you a Happy New Year!

This article belongs to Suzhou Delphi Laser Co., Ltd.(www.delphilaser.com), if reproduced, please indicate the company name and website

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