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Deepening School-Enterprise Cooperation | Delphilaser and Soochow University Join Hands to Promote the Integration of Education and Industry and Talent Training

2022-06-09 10:22:18

On June 8, Wang Lupei, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Soochow University, and Jin Ge, Director of Admissions and Employment Department, visited Delphilaser and conducted a research and inspection on the theme of promoting employment by expanding jobs.

Suzhou University leaders visited Delphilaser


Secretary Wang and his party visited the exhibition hall of Delphilaser, visited the manufacturing workshop and had a comprehensive understanding of the business layout and development of the company, and the two sides also had an in-depth exchange on the patent technology, research and development of scientific and technological projects, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


Company Showroom Tour


Company manufacturing workshop tour


At the exchange symposium, Secretary Wang introduced the main purpose of the event and the situation of the students in school, and expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of the university for the long-term support of Delphilaser to the work of the university and the careful cultivation of the alumni of the university. He said that Chairman Zhao Yuxing, as an alumnus of SU, had made outstanding achievements in the field of optoelectronics, and there would be more opportunities to share his experiences with students in the future, so that they could feel the power of outstanding alumni. Secretary Wang also expressed that on the basis of the continuous good cooperation between the two sides, he hoped that the cooperation in the fields of talent training, scientific research innovation and integration of industry and education could be further promoted.


Wang Lupei, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Soochow University


Zhao Yuxing, Chairman of Delphilaser

Chairman Zhao Yuxing introduced the development scale, talent demand and business layout of Delphilaser. As an alumnus of SU, Chairman Zhao Yuxing has always been concerned about and supported the development of his alma mater. He said he would continue to strengthen the in-depth cooperation and exchange between the two sides, continue to carry out long-term cooperation mechanisms in talent training and technology research and development, and cooperate to build a platform for the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation.


Xu Ruiyan, SU alumnus and product manager of the Semiconductor Division, shares her experience

In Delphilaser, there are many alumni who also graduated from Soochow University, and they are working hard, being active and creating value for the company. Xu Ruiyan, who graduated from Soochow University in 2008, shared his work experience in Delphilaser at the meeting, saying that his alma mater is not only teaching knowledge, but also teaching people to behave. Since he joined Delphilaser in 2011, he has kept his original intention to learn and grow up in Delphilaser's big family, taking the excellent alumnus Mr. Zhao as a role model and playing his personal value better on the leading platform in the industry like Delphilaser. In the future, he will continue to work hard, learn more advanced technology in the industry and add to the laser business of Delphilaser.


Group photo of school and enterprise


In this exchange, the two sides discussed on joint training of scientific research talents, widening employment channels, joint scientific research and research, and deepened the cooperation intention in school-enterprise cooperation. In the next step, Delphilaser will join hands with Soochow University to provide more opportunities for the sustainable development of talents and promote the integration of production, education and research on both sides to a new level.

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